• Contributing to the UN SDGs

    We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( UN SDGs) and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and strive to contribute directly to many of these goals through our 2025 Sustainability Goals, Smart Drinking Goals, Road Safety initiatives, volunteering programs and disaster relief efforts. We continue to endeavor with full commitment towards the goals where we can use our scale and partnerships to drive meaningful positive changes.

Mapping Our Value Chain against the UN SDGs

Our pan-Asian reach and strong ties to local communities allow us to support the UN SDGs while building thriving communities, a healthier environment and a resilient value chain, as illustrated below on how our value chain aligns.
  • 01
    Implementing Global Smart Drinking Goals to reduce harmful consumption

  • 02
    Ensuring skilled, connected and financially empowered farmers across local supply chains

  • 03
    Promoting smart agriculture and improving farmer livelihoods through technology and sustainable farming practices

  • 04
    Using saved grain from production to provide essential nutrients

  • 05
    Improving water availability and quality in high-stress areas and investing in partnerships for water stewardship

  • 06
    Moving toward 100% renewable energy and 25% reduction of CO2 emissions across our entire value chain by 2025

  • 07
    Eliminating waste and creating circular economies through recycled and returnable packaging

  • 08
    Building partnerships to reduce road safety risks and using cleaner forms of transport in distribution

  • 09
    Supporting innovation through 100+ Accelerator program and building global partnerships

  • 10
    Strengthening small retailers through training, technology and access to finance

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