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Our Goals

100% of our product is in packaging that is returnable or made from majority recycled content

  • Our Ambition

    To improve long-term sustainability across markets and increase public awareness, our business has a fundamental role to play in encouraging our suppliers,customers and consumers to support the circularity of packaging materials. Using the 4R principles –Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,Rethink – we drive our 2025 Sustainability Goals.

Areas of Focus

  • Packaging and Waste Policy

    ·We work to minimize waste generated at each stage of our packaging life cycle. Our Packaging and Waste Policy is available on our website to guide our operations to avoid redundant consumption, select sustainable alternatives and properly reuse and dispose of materials. This Policy is approved by the Procurement Director – Sustainability and regularly reviewed considering legislation, public policy and organizational changes and development in sustainability best practices, or at a minimum, every three years. Updates of the Policy will be presented to the ESG Committee for endorsement.
  • Promoting Sustainable Packaging

    ·We design our packaging to optimize the use of materials and source materials that are recyclable, returnable and/or contain recycled contents. By adopting circular options, such as returnable bottles, we were able to reduce carbon emissions and drives more sustainable consumer behavior. We worked closely with our suppliers to lightweight our bottles, cans and other packaging materials in each market in 2022. With a focus on reducing the need for virgin materials where possible and instead increasing recycled content, we have developed a new technology to achieve 90% recycled content in our glass bottles in China.
    ·We use social media marketing campaigns and product labelling to educate our consumers about the importance of recycling, and look for more ways to support packaging recycling. Corona announced its sustainability development plan for 2022: 145 tons of plastic waste in the ocean to be recycled throughout the year.

Circular Packaging

  • Our Accomplishments

    63.2% of our total packaging volume was in returnable packaging.51.3% of our packaging was made from recycled content (53.7% in glass, 22.2% in cans).
  • Our Initiatives

    More than 99 tons of waste cans have been collected in the China market.
    Aiming to cultivate Corona to be the first plastic neutral beer (more plastic is recovered from the environment than produced), we recycled over 155 tons of plastic waste from the ocean in 2022.
    More than 80% of the returnable bottles have been collected and refilled with beer after sanitization. In terms of the bottle return rate, South Korea ranked first with over 95%, while both China and Vietnam recorded over 80% and India had over 60%. Moving forward, we will continue to improve the return rates in all markets.

  • Looking Forward

    We will continue to pilot initiatives and work closely with our packaging suppliers to drive lightweighting,returnability, recycled contents and recyclability of our packaging. We will leverage our expertise to influence local governments to support the use of recycled materials in food-grade packaging and recyclers to improve recycling rates. To extend our efforts on secondary packaging and post-consumer waste we seek to transform public attitudes towards waste and circularity.