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OBC Unveils Best Parenting Photos from ‘Cheer up MaPa with Cass 0.0’ Campaign

Release date:June 28, 2021

OBC unveiled the best parenting photos received during the ‘Cheer up MaPa with Cass 0.0’ campaign, conducted in celebration of Family Month in May.

‘Cheer up MaPa with Cass 0.0’ campaign aimed to foster the public to enjoy Cass 0.0, a smart drinking option, when stressed while baby-sitting during this elongated COVID-19 era.

A total of 1,200 participants submitted their parenting photos and among them 2 best photos were selected and rewarded. The best photos were selected in two categories: the most touching photo and the most hilarious photo.

During the campaign, emotional comments flooded in OBC’s social media channels. One participant commented “Cass 0.0 is just the right drink for people raising children. It was hard to take care of children after work, but Cass 0.0 was there for me to refresh my weary body and mind.”

Launched last year, Cass 0.0 is the first non-alcoholic beer that OBC introduced under the brand Cass, Korea’s No. 1 beer. Produced from the same ingredients as regular beer, Cass 0.0 undergoes an identical fermentation and aging process. During the final filtration process, the alcohol is extracted through a ‘Smart De-alcoholization’ technique, allowing it to have the same refreshing flavor of beer, ABV less than 0.05%.