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OBC Launches #SaveRiceChallenge Campaign

Release date:October 25, 2021

Bud APAC’s Korean subsidiary Oriental Brewing Co.’s (hereinafter, OBC) announced the launch of #SaveRiceChallenge campaign with HANMAC, Korea’s representative lager brand made with Korean rice.

#SaveRiceChallenge is an online challenge designed to promote Korean rice consumption while also supporting children in risk of hunger. Held from October 25 to November 21, the challenge is open to all individuals, institutions, associations, and brands. To participate, candidates must post a photo of their meal made with rice on a social media and name friends and families to continue the challenge.

OBC is to purchase one Korean rice pound cake from rice bakery start-up ‘Dalroll Company’ per one #SaveRiceChallenge post. The purchased food will be delivered to underfed children in Korea through ‘Happy Alliance’, a safety network alliance for children.

Brian Koo, Legal and Corporate Affairs VP of OBC, commented: “#SaveRiceChallenge is a CSR campaign to promote sustainable agriculture for local rice farmers while supporting undernourished children. Having partnered up with startup ‘Dalroll’ and social enterprise ‘Happy Alliance’, OBC is also promoting growth with partners through a win-win relationship.”

As part of the #SaveRiceChallenge campaign, OBC, together with Dalroll Company, will release a rice bakery recipe video that can easily be followed at home, promoting various foods and consumption of Korean rice.