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Bud China launched 100+ Innovation Alliance to Foster Cross-sector Innovation

Release date:April 07, 2024

(Shanghai, 5 April 2024) Budweiser China (Bud China)’s signature 100+ Innovation Lab celebrated its 2023 achievements with a Demo Day at the BrewDog Taproom in Shanghai. At the event, five startup teams showcased their pilot results achieved through sustainable development innovation in collaboration with Bud China and its value chainpartners. Bud China also announced the official launch of the 100+ Innovation Alliance, aimed at creating a sustainable innovation ecosystem, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and convening partners from government, industry, academia, research, and investing sectors.

Jan Clysner, Bud APAC Vice President of Sustainability and Procurement and Terry Yao, Procurement Director of Sustainability hosted the event. The distinguished guests included government officials from Shanghai Huangpu District Business Committee; Dr. Jianzhong Lu, Vice Chairman of the Low-Carbon Development Branch of the Shanghai Foreign Investment Association; Professor Huanzheng Du, Director of Institute of Ecological Civilization and Circular Economy at Tongji University; Zhen Zhu from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center at the National Science Park of Fudan University; Amanda Zhu, senior marketing manager, Greater  China, Sustainalytics; Jessica Liu, Investment Director of QF Capital; Ruby Lu, Co-founder of Impact Hub Shanghai and Partner of AmPower Capital, along with guests from SKIAD and Huaxing Glass.

Building a Sustainable Ecosystem: The Formation of the 100+Innovation Alliance

Led by Bud China, the 100+ Innovation Alliance was formed in collaboration with Huaxing Glass, SKIAD, and Impact Hub Shanghai. Dr. Jianzhong Lu and Professor Huanzheng Du act as expert consultants for the alliance, while QF Capital and the National Science Park of Fudan University have joined as investment partner and entrepreneurship support partner, respectively. Community partners such as S-Tron China and the China Education Support Project are also involved.

Jan Clysner, Vice President of Sustainability and Procurement of Bud APAC remarked,"Since the launch of the 100+ Innovation Lab in 2020, it's been inspiring to witness our collective pursuit of sustainable innovation possibilities with startups and industry partners. Moving forward, we aim to build an innovative ecosystem through cross-sectoral alliance and connect the entire value chain. We will continue to collaborate with previous startup teams to seize more strategic opportunities. At the same time, we plan to extendthe pilot period of some projects to enable the long-term outcome. I believe we’ll foster sustainable development and achieve shared success collectively."