Commercial Management Trainee(Red Star)

Our Commercial Management Trainee (Red Star) is the best sales talent program in China aiming to attract high potential talents who are passionate for Sales and ambitious to make difference. We offer systematic online/offline training as well as various rotation opportunities to prepare our young talents for leadership roles in near future.

We are the choice of thousands of ambitious graduates who are now playing critical roles in our Sales function and are driving business success.


We're on the hunt for the next generation of leaders, join us if you are:

  • Fresh graduate or recent graduate with no more than 2 years full-time working experience; Bachelor's degree required
  • Passionate for Sales, down-to-earth attitude and high standard of integrity
  • Outstanding in communication and influencing skill; proficient in written and oral English
  • Willing to be geographically mobile






  • Detailed timeline may differ by BU. Please follow us on WeChat
    to get accurate timelines for application and recruitment progress.


Chen Ning

BU President Southeast
Class 2003 Red Star

He Zhijie

BU President South
Class 2005 Red Star

Xiling Miao

In-Home Expansion
Director, China
Class 2011 Red Star

Karina Lai

People Specialist, Shandong
2021 Class Red Star

Chen Ning

"Initially, I was drawn to the attractive brand and the passion among employees. Even after 20 years at Budweiser APAC, I'm still in love with this company. In this company, driving growth is beyond business growth and it is in our DNA. "

After my graduation from Fuzhou University in 2003, I joined Budweiser China BU Southeast as a Sales Management Trainee (Red Star), which is one of the best decisions I ever made. Over my 17 years, I have rotated across different functions in the organization – from supply chain to people management with increasing responsibilities. I spent most of my time in Sales and currently I'm the BU President for BU Southeast.

If you are hunger for success, you need to be strategic and practical. More importantly, seize every rotation opportunity to improve yourself. I've had good experience in both regional and headquarter roles. Though these jobs are quite different, they complement each other. For example, I used to be responsible to define the guideline for regional sales team in my headquarter role. My field experience helped me a lot in definition and execution, which eventually contribute to business growth.

He Zhijie

After graduating in college in 2005, I joined ABI through the Red Star program as my first job.

Time flies and it has been 18 years since then. Looking back at my 18-year career, I am so glad that I made the very correct choice, both in terms of company and industry.

At the early stage of my career, ABI gave me well-rounded guidance and training which helped me build up occupational quality and professional skills that set up the foundations of my rapid growth in the future.

When I entered the growing phase of my career, ABI gave me the chance to be in charge of markets of different types, enabling me to accumulate plentiful of frontline practical experiences and the ability of team management.

And when the days came to the matured phase of my career, ABI again gave me more trusts and challenges that let me walk out of my comfort zone, helping me to become a better self by appointing me as the BU president of BU West-South, BU West and BU South.

I love working as a sales and I love ABI. I look forward to achieving with ABI together.

To a future with more cheers.

Xiling Miao

"What I love about Budweiser APAC, is the company supports the growth of every individual at the pace of their own talent. The company offers a lot of opportunities and encourages employees to explore their own potential. Our greatest strength is our people and our leaders live that principle every day."

I graduated from the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics with a major in logistics and finance. Post my graduation, I joined Budweiser APAC in 2011 as a Sales Management Trainee (Red Star). In my current role at Budweiser, I work as the In-Home Expansion Director, China.

One of the challenging assignments in my role is wholesaler management. However, I also enjoy this challenge, as it ensures - I learn a lot. In this assignment, I spend a lot of time with wholesalers, understand their pain points, and try my best to solve their problems.

My team and I always faced issues with various parts of wholesaler management such as - logistics, finance, internal communication and sales capability. I, along with my team, had to quickly deep dive into these issues and then come up with a practical solution. We decided to utilize one of our key values – Teamwork. With great teamwork, we came up with a newly optimized Wholesaler Excellence Program to streamline direct supply, improve distribution models, as well as, enhance sales capabilities in a very short time.

With the optimized Wholesaler Management solution, we helped our sales and dealer partner teams achieve business objectives and design incentives keeping in mind the overall potential of this program. We saw a huge growth in partner motivation, as well as, in business results.

Karina Lai

“ In ABI, every milestone in my career is guided and encouraged by experienced mentors and colleagues, growing together with energetic and youthful teams. Although I was still a beginner   two years ago, here I can also receive equal attention and communication opportunities, giving me strength to accept challenges.”

I graduated from Peking University with a major in Sociology and joined ABI in the summer of 2021 as a sales management trainee -Red Star. Currently, I am a HR business partner for the sales team.

In two years , I quickly adapted to different roles and accumulated work experiences in cross departmental positions. Starting from Beijing sales team to People team; From being a BP assistant to independently responsible for a module or region, I enjoy the challenges that arise in constant change, treating them as exciting experiences for life.

I aim to provide value to sales team and win with them. While collaborating with sales team, I identify the key person and establish trust, such as leaders, influential people, and sales experts, which can help me quickly understand business details and smoothly advance the project. At the same time, actively providing professional value to sales team, utilizing communication and data analysis skills to provide HR management insights for them. Besides, it is interesting to note that my experience of rotating during the Red Star project promote the above work smoothly and easily. I aware that my job has made sales team developed in a good way, which is a very fulfilling experience for me.