Diversity & Inclusion


Our purpose of dreaming big to create a future with more cheers.That's why we are all in on our commitment of Diversity and Inclusion. We believe that our greatest strength is our diverse teams of people. Diversity and Inclusion in our organization helps us to achieve our purpose because it enables the diversity of thought needed to deliver better decision-making and achieve superior results. As a meritocratic company, our focus is on attracting, hiring, engaging, developing and advancing the very best talent—regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other characteristics that make our colleagues unique. Budweiser APAC is committed to a work environment where all colleagues are respected and valued. All our people deserve to feel comfortable being their authentic selves at work every day. Only then can we all be and do our best.


  • Inclusive Workplace Policies & Environment

    Global Diversity & Inclusion Policy

    Every individual at every level in our company is responsible for treating others with respect and cultivating, encouraging, maintaining and preserving an inclusive environment. The Global Diversity and Inclusion Policy gives us guidelines on actions of all our leaders & colleagues.

    Anti-Harassment & Anti- Discrimination Policy

    Through our newly refreshed Anti-Harassment & Anti-Discrimination Policy in 2022, we are workingto make a more inclusive workplace by adding aclearer definition and examples of bullying, and what will not be tolerated in our workplace.

    New Bud APAC Flex Work Policy

    The new Bud APAC Flex Work Policy provided our employees with more Flex Time & Flex Place on working, balancing our work and life.

  • Build Inclusive Capabilities

    Fragmented Digital Learning

    We use digitalization and gamification to make learning of DEI interesting!Fragmented digital learning has attracted thousands of employees to participate.The study covers three main topics : Breaking prejudice, psychological safety and drinking behavior —— These courses help us minimize our prejudice against others, encourage us to express our opinions to improve team performance, and remind us to respect and tolerate people around us when drinking.

    Innovation Challenge

    We are very happy to hold the first Mulan Innovation Challenge in 2022 to tap the wisdom of our female colleagues, develop innovative ideas and make our business develop among female consumers. We have witnessed that the female leaders of Budweiser have played an active role in enterprise transformation, promoting change and turning challenges into opportunities.

    Systematic Pluralistic & Equal and Inclusive Learning Curriculum

    A holistic learning method of DEI, from understanding DEI, understanding and demonstrating inclusive behavior, bravely forming allies, and dividing the course into several parts according to the different ability development needs of each level.

  • Accelerate the representation of diverse talent

    APAC Outstanding Women Leaders Awards

    Recognition is an important aspect in promoting diverse talent. we recognized Outstanding women role models - we acknowledged role models who are showing great resilience, striving for excellence, having passion for challenges.

    Mulan Club & Celebration

    We take every possible moment to celebrate! Established in 2019, Mulan Club has been the strong support to many of our female employees. Mulan Day was held annually with over thousands of female employees national wide came together to spend the day full of inspiration, challenge and celebration!

    Women Who Brew

    Within out company, our female employees are tremendously engaged in beer industry. How? We engaged females through various events - Women Who Brew is a great example that we tie our Mulan to the real beer business!



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