Global MBA Program(GMBA)

The application for the 2023 GMBA Summer Internship Program is open now!

The Global MBA Program is a 1-year high potential leadership program for MBAs from top-ranked schools across the world. This program will provide development opportunities and career experiences that will uniquely prepare those top MBAs to be successful future leaders of the company. You'll be challenged to learn and grow in your career faster than you imagined. Some examples of first roles have been: Global Brand Manager, Marketing Innovation Manager, Global Finance Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Sustainability Manager, among many others.



Your one-week global induction is held at our New York office, where you'll meet our senior leadership, including our CEO. You'll build relationships with your fellow GMBAs from all over the world. We'll put your desire to achieve success to test, giving you the chance to satisfy your curiosity and collaborate on new ideas.


You'll visit two different geographic zones to learn more about the operations and critical business challenges in different markets, spending a week in each location. During the week you'll engage in a series of functional topic theme sessions covering business areas each as Marketing, Supply, Logisitics, Finance and People. You'll also reunite with your fellow GMBAs for project group working sessions and get a chance to network with zone leaders.


We assign senior mentors to all new GMBAs. We also hold a bi-monthly series called "A Day in the life" that connects GMBAs with senior leaders for an open two-way conversation. Content is then shared through LinkedIn.


We encourage a strong GMBA alumni community by hosting Happy Hour events, speaker series and listening sessions.


Whether you make lateral shifts or ladder climbs, we will help you to build the career journey you want, unlimited by role, function or location.


To be qualified for the GMBA program, you need to participate into our Global MBA Summer Internship Program. During the 10-12 weeks functional GMBA Internship, you'll be placed in Sales, Marketing, Supply or Support functions and complete a real strategic business project which you'll present to senior leadership at the end of your internship.






    • First year MBA students with previous work experience of typically 4 years on average in any relevant business function or demonstrate ability to move into new function with ease.
    • People who are determined to dream big, lead change and ready for the opportunity to create a real-world impact.
    • People who aren't afraid to work outside their comfort zones.
    • People who are competitive, adaptive and go-getters who can think analytically, communicate candidly and work well in an informal environment.


To be eligible to apply, you'll be a first-year MBA candidate by the application time and able to work permanently in APAC countries.
This is the selection process you will go through.



Hear the challenger stories from some of our previous cohort of GMBAs

Rob McElroy

Associate Director
POC Tech Solutions
Class 2018 GMBA

Mai Hahn

Associate Director, BU
SEA Trade Marketing
Class 2014 GMBA

Allen Fang

VP, Commercial
Operation, BU SEA
Class 2013 GMBA

Ishank Gupta

Regional Director,
Field Sales East
Class 2017 GMBA

Rob McElroy

"At Budweiser – the teams are close, the brands are always front and centre, and the consumers are always top of mind; this commitment to our customers made my choice to work at Budweiser easy."

I did my MBA at Melbourne Business School, who connected me to the GMBA program. My first role with AB InBev was Senior Manager of Consumer and Shopper Insights at Carlton United Breweries (previously a part of AB InBev) in Melbourne, Australia. I joined Budweiser APAC as the Associate Director of Point of Contact (POC) Tech Solutions in February 2020.

One of the things that validates my choice to work at Budweiser is the closeness between colleagues and how that translates to effective work. The collaboration isn't hierarchical - we get more done with less, simply because there's a strong sense of when to lead and when to pitch in.

I witnessed this when we were asked to reduce the lead time on innovations. Until our intervention, innovation typically took as long as a year to go from idea to shelf. We looked at how we were currently running the innovation process. We ran a 'Shark Tank' style pitch session for 25 potential vendors to identify areas where we could cut the innovation's time to market. In collaboration with teams across the business we assessed the issue, applied creative solutions, and realized the results we set out for from the start.

The result was a significant reduction in the lead time for innovations which means faster response to consumer needs. This experience reinforced how important it was to never be satisfied with results.

Mai Hahn

"The idea of working for a corporate giant, that actually has a start-up culture – this unique duality attracted me towards Budweiser APAC."

I graduated from the University of Florida with an MBA. Post my MBA, I joined the Budweiser APAC South East Asia Business Unit office as a Global MBA in 2014.

In Vietnam, Budweiser was just starting out in 2014 and I had a chance to work with a pretty young team as an Innovation Manager. The environment was full of a 'let's-get-it-done' kind of energy and we were optimistic about our progress. Although there were multiple challenges, we were given the space to try and test new ideas. Some succeeded, some failed, but I sincerely believe that we became what we are today through this iterative process.

I was tasked with launching Budweiser Draught within 9 months. To start from scratch – right from designing the beer tower to sourcing the various components – it seemed like a formidable challenge. Particularly, when you take into context, that I didn't have experience in draught production.

What eventually worked to change my scepticism to belief and then led to success for us, was close coordination and collaboration between cross functional teams such as procurement, brewing, logistics, sales and marketing. We always kept at it and believed in ourselves. We eventually launched the product on time and it was the primary driver for us to dominate the Beer Club Channel in our first few years in Vietnam.

Allen Fang

"At Budweiser APAC, the culture of meritocracy means that people are rewarded and grow at the pace of their own talent. Everyone I met from the company was passionate about their jobs and had strong ownership of their work, making my decision to join Budweiser easier."

I pursued my MBA at CEIBS in Shanghai, to pursue a change in working location, industry and function. Post my MBA, I joined Budweiser APAC in 2013 in the GMBA Program. Since then, I have worked across various roles within Sales & Marketing. I currently work as the Vice President of Commercial for Southeast Asia responsible for all commercial operation activities at Southeast Asia Business Unit.

Challenges and dealing with them with ownership are second nature for all Budweiser employees. For example, I have had the chance to lead the launch of Hoegaarden and Corona brands in China, and more recently, lead on digital initiatives related to QR code consumer promotions and O2O food delivery.

Through it all, I have received limitless opportunities to continuously work on challenging projects, allowing for focused professional and personal development.

Ishank Gupta

The company truly walks the talk when it comes to culture. When I decided to do my internship in the Shanghai office, three elements of the culture truly attracted me towards the company – ownership, meritocracy and informality.

After graduating from the Wharton School in 2017, I joined Budweiser APAC as the Brand Head for Michelob Ultra in China. After successfully launching this brand, I moved to our South Asia operations as the Commercial Capabilities Director. Currently, I am the Regional Director - East, responsible for one of the four business units within South Asia. As a Regional Director, I get an opportunity to run a P&L, lead a massive team of really talented individuals while tackling complex business.

For example, our share in one of the most profitable markets in India was falling due to high supply times and low consumer pull, thereby having a significant impact on our profitability. To resolve this challenge, we created a war room with a cross-functional team between our colleagues from sales, trade marketing, people, government affairs, supply and logistics. Through a focussed approach to identify and address gaps, we were able to overcome this challenge in a matter of 3 months. We went from being just another player to a strong number 2 player in the market.

Budweiser APAC offers a unique access to operations at scale with a start-up mindset. It continues to regularly push me out of my comfort zone, thereby enabling my personal and professional development.